Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baby shower cake

There was a surprise baby shower for my sil Felisha, and Tate asked me to make the cake. So I did. made march 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black and white wedding

This wedding cake was made for Megan and Blaine. (Megan's mom is my first cousin and all of us are in the same ward at church) I was so nervous about all the free hand black icing swirls, because once it is on the white you can't take it off without leaving a stain, but I took my time and it all worked out. The calla lilies were hand made by me. My first real attempt. Though I have messed around with them before just to see. made February 2010

flowers close up

Pink guitar

The next two cakes I made for Kiki. She is a friend of both Abigail and Lynnette. She wanted 2 cakes, so I was glad she picked two easy ones. made February 2010


The second cake for one of Lynnette and Abigail's friend. made February 2010

3D frogs

These are the cakes I made for Ezra's first birthday. We bought him a giant frog stuffed animal when he was born and I took his picture with it every month so we could see how much he grows each month. I have decided his favorite animal is a frog. hahaha! I made a small one so he could chow down on his very own cake. made January 2010.

there were two froggy's sitting on the fridge,
two froggy's sitting on the fridge. haha

close up of big frog

big frog

close up of small frog

Ezra with the small frog.

Bouquet of flowers

I am not sure what happened but my pictures didn't turn out so great for this one. Everything looks so dull. It really had bright colors on it. So bright purple, blue, pink and red flowers, made out of fondant. The stems are also fondant that I rolled to look like stems. Pretty neat I think. made January 2010

Monkey's gone bananas

This is another monkey cake, only I added more details and made it better. I love how it turned out! I made this for a friend who is in my January 2009 moms group. Her son turned one a week before Ezra. They love it! Made January 2010.

First a close up of the bananas, again I am so
impressed with how well they turned out! LOL!!

Front view

from the top

monkey 1

monkey 2

this cake I made special so that the
birthday boy could dig into his very own cake!!!