Saturday, February 13, 2010

Burger and fries!!!

This cake I made for Lynnette for her 11th birthday. I also made another one that is bigger a few weeks later, but they look pretty much the same. Made December 2009.

fondant cheese and veggies

"fries" pound cake and red icing

order up!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Piggy bank

I made this piggy bank cake for Daisy's 12th birthday. I love it, it turned out so nice!! Made October 2009.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Care Bears

I made this cake for Zipporah's friend Jailynn. She wanted a care bear cake and so I browsed with her on the computer to see what she liked. She really liked a cake similar to this. I made this October 2009.

Red roses

This cake I made, but didn't put it together at the wedding. I only put it together at home to make sure it looked ok, then it was taken in pieces and put together there. So the flowers ended up arranged a but different. A friend of mine who makes cake too, had me make this for her sisters wedding. She asked me because she was planning everything else for the wedding as well, so having someone else make the cake was just a good idea. I did make the roses. I can't remember exactly, but I think I made this August/Septemberish 2009.

Forrest's head

ok so this cake came about because Forrest was looking through my cake books for ideas and asked for a cake the was a giant keg with two little drunk men drinking from the spout, I said yeah um NO! and then he said well then can you make a cake of my head. So I did. hahaha Made may 2009.

each curl was put in individually

no a perfect match, but not too bad either.

Tate and Felisha's 2 wedding cakes

My brother Tate and his wife Felisha had two receptions, so I made them two cakes. One reception was in Raymond, Alberta. I made the one four tiers and they cut out of the bottom layer and we wrapped up the other layers and they flew to Toronto with Tate and Felisha for the next reception. Which already had a few layers of cake waiting from when Tate flew over a few days before their wedding. Luckily cake freezes really well and covered in fondant it travels really well too! The Toronto cake was 5 tiers high. So in the end, I used some of the same cakes, but they are decorated differently. Sadly after one picture of the first cake, my camera completely died! wahhhh and with he second cake, we got there late so I was putting it together in front of people, so I just took a couple of quick pictures and that's it.

Cake #1 Alberta reception

Cake #2 Toronto reception


I made this cake for Sydney's 7th birthday. The little piggies turned out so cute!! made September 2009.

m&m's and kitkats

I never ate this cake, but I bet it was soooo yummy!!! The sides are covered in kitkats and the top is covered in m&m's. I made this for my friend Joelle, October 2009.

Baby dinosaurs

I made these baby dinosaurs for Zipporah's 7th birthday. I made two cuz they were so small. So one white egg and one purple egg. I think they are so cute!!!! The "sand" they are on is brown sugar, a cool trick I learned from watching Cake Boss. LOL!! made August 2009

Butterfly Wedding cake

This is a 5 tier cake, each layer is a different flavour of cake. The topper was a family heirloom of the brides. I wish I could make butterflies, but that isn't a skill of mine yet, so I bought these butterflies and I think they are made with feather. If you look really close along the beading at the bottom of each tier of cake, you can see that there are two purple beads in between each big cream one. If you click ont eh first picture and see it bigger you can see. The cake is covered in buttercream that I iced smooth. I wasn't able to get as good of pictures of this cake as I wanted. The tent it was inside was hot and yellow, so all my pictures have lots of yellow in them.