Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tate and Felisha's 2 wedding cakes

My brother Tate and his wife Felisha had two receptions, so I made them two cakes. One reception was in Raymond, Alberta. I made the one four tiers and they cut out of the bottom layer and we wrapped up the other layers and they flew to Toronto with Tate and Felisha for the next reception. Which already had a few layers of cake waiting from when Tate flew over a few days before their wedding. Luckily cake freezes really well and covered in fondant it travels really well too! The Toronto cake was 5 tiers high. So in the end, I used some of the same cakes, but they are decorated differently. Sadly after one picture of the first cake, my camera completely died! wahhhh and with he second cake, we got there late so I was putting it together in front of people, so I just took a couple of quick pictures and that's it.

Cake #1 Alberta reception

Cake #2 Toronto reception

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