Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anniversary cake

I made this for the 50th anniversary of some of my cousins grandparents. It took a lot of work, lots of detailed fondant work, but I enjoyed every minute of it!!! Made April16 (though I finished it at 230 in the morning so technically made on the 17th) hahaha

They wanted to have a bit of something of both their grandpa and grandma on it. So their grandpa works with wood and grandma does spinner stuff and also has a lot of framed flowers. So I gave each one side, then joined them in the middle to complete it.

bird house close up

bench close up

calla lily ~ framed flower

calla lilies, tulips, daisy's, and basic flower


screw driver tools

tape measure

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  1. Thanks for the close up shots. WOW! Great little detail work. Loved the "wood" planks on the bench. : D